Mobile Phone bill TOO expensive? HAGGLE!!!

Mobile phone costs just getting way too much?



Spend some time on the internet and see what deals are around – pre-warned is pre-armed. Then speak to your current provider about what they can offer you?

NEVER EVER accept the first deal your provider offers you.

I have just changed my mobile deal and to be honest this video was very influential in my ability to “haggle” the monthly cost down – and get extra minutes and unlimited data.

Watch it and try for yourself

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Self Help ways to improve your wealth.

Our brains sometimes seem wired incorrectly, no matter how hard you try you cannot get to the point of financial stability, financial security or be “comfortable”.

You know the story, you get to the end of the month and your wishing those last few days away just to see that wage showing into your bank account, only to be doomed to the same drudgery every month. Keeping on top of those all too regular direct debits and hoping the postman doesn’t come tomorrow with another bill to pay!

Back to work we go, slog our working hours through for someone else, never able to get away from the spiral of debt. Mortgage, council tax, insurance, utility bills, fuel, food bills, kids needing new shoes / clothes, school trip to pay for, MOT coming round again, need new tyres on the car, the boilers broken down, need the plumber, need a new carpet in the living room its thread bare, on and on and on it goes. Where are we going to find money for christmas this year? Cant let the kids down. Oh how I would love a holiday this year,

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Reduce your Monthly Bills.

Come on admit it - how many people are struggling to keep up with the household bills at present? I MOST DEFINITELY AM

Well maybe this could be your answer, it certainly was mine!

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Go on have a look you have nothing to lose and everything to gain & you are not tied into any contract period at all.